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Although Daphne du Maurier was perhaps Fowey’s most famous resident, the town has been an inspiration to many others:  Sir Arthur Quiller Couch (“Q”), an important and popular writer in the early part of last century, loved the town and lived for most of his life at The Haven – directly above the quay where the  ferry ties up. Fowey featured as “Troy” in several of his novels.



Peter Pan and Old Solomon Caw,  by Arthur Rackham


Amongst Q’s close friends and frequent visitors were J M Barrie (author of Peter Pan) and Kenneth Graham.  Both men honeymooned here and many of the descriptions in “The Wind in the Willows” are recognisably drawn from parts of the estuary around Fowey and Lerryn.  (The character of Ratty is said to be based on a local acquaintance).


More recently, Leo Walmsley wrote “Love in the Sun” and “Paradise Creek”, based around the five years he spent in an isolated hut on Pont Pill and his many years in Fowey. 

J W M Turner visited Fowey in 1811 and made sketches for W B Cooke’s engraving:                         

"Entrance to Fowey Harbour"


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